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A mustache can be a small, but very important detail for the visual appearance of every man, and since ancient times much attention has been paid to it. Historically, mustache fashion has changed a lot and it was influenced by rulers, governments, celebrities and religious leaders.


The earliest document of the usage of mustaches (without a beard) can be traced to Iron Age Celts. However there is evidence of mustache cutting tools even from the Stone Age.


A variety of tools have been developed for the care of mustaches, including safety razors, mustache wax, nets, brushes, combs and mustache scissors.


In 1004, a special spoon was made in England, which had a different curve with “a pocket” to protect the mustache from food getting into it.


In the Middle East, there is a growing trend for mustache transplants, which involves undergoing a procedure called follicular unit extraction in order to attain fuller, and more impressive facial hair.



The Most Mustached Nations

  1. The most mustached nation is India, where approximately 80% of men wear mustaches. And it isn’t a big surprise, because mustaches have long held an important place in Indian culture, seen as a symbol of virility. An Indian Ram Singh Chauhan holds the title of the world’s longest mustache – 4,29 m, measured in 2004 on an Italian TV show. 

  2. Mexico is the second. The mustache popularity grew there thanks to the leaders of the Mexican revolution in the 20th century – Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa. They were masculin icons with full mustaches and that inspired many other men in the country to use the same style.

  3. The third place belongs to Pakistan, which has the second largest Muslim population and, with no doubt, this is a determining factor in the popularity of the mustache, as facial hair is very important in this religion.

  4. Germany is the fourth most mustached country, which has a long and rich history with important men whose mustaches are truly recognisable. For example, the statesman Bismarck, the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, Albert Einstein and many others. Germany has more clubs affiliated with the World Beard and Mustache Championships than any other nation.

  5. Iran ranks fifth and, like Pakistan, is a Muslim country, so there are plenty of men with mustaches for the same reason.

Mustache Styles and Celebrities

There are many different mustache styles to get inspired and experiment with. You always have to evaluate your genetics and what is suitable for your existing style. Not everyone can wear Salvador Dali’s styled mustache and not everyone has such an extravagant lifestyle.

Dali Mustache Image
Dali Mustache
  • The Dali Mustache. Mentioning Dali, what immediately comes to mind is his narrow, long, upwardly curved mustache, after which the mustache style is named.
Brush Mustache Image
Toothbrush Mustache
  • The Toothbrush Mustache. The famous actor Charlie Chaplin is recognizable by this style. It was very popular in the 1920s, but after Hitler adopted it, nobody wants the toothbrush mustache anymore, and it looks like it won’t be back on the fashion charts for a long time.
American Walrus Mustache Image
Walrus Mustache
  • The Walrus Mustache style belonged to one of the greatest authors, Mark Twain. The American politician Roosevelt and the philosopher Nietzsche can also be mentioned. A famous American actor Nick Offerman also has a walrus mustache style.
Horseshoe Mustache Image
Horseshoe Mustache
  • The Horseshoe Mustache. Actor Hulk Hogan is well-recognizable with this mustache style. The horseshoe mustache style is also very popular with bikers.
Pencil Mustache Image
Pencil Mustahce
  • The Pencil Mustache. Clark Gable from the movie “Gone with the Wind” was the wearer of this fine mustache, and actors Brad Pitt and George Clooney have also adopted this style.
Handlebar Mustache Image
Handlebar Mustache
  • The Handlebar Mustache style was practiced by the famous American baseball player Rollie Finger.
Petite Handlebar Mustache Image
Petite Handlebar Mustache
  • The Petite Handlebar Mustache style belongs to none other than the famous Hercule Poirot (actor David Suchet), the main character from the adaptations of Agatha Christie’s novels.
Chevron Mustache Image
Chevron Mustache
  • The Chevron Mustache. A wearer of the “chevron” mustache style was the singer Freddie Mercury. American actor Tom Selleck has a similar mustache, as does actor Henry Cavill.
Lampshade Mustache Image
Lampshade Mustache
  • The Lampshade Mustache belongs to the well-known actor Eddie Murphy. This style of mustache is also often chosen by police officers and military personnel.

These are just a few of the most popular mustache styles, of course there are many more and the possibilities for variation with mustache and beard styles are great. Now that mustaches and beards are back in fashion, it would be the right time to find the right style for yourself.